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Design development, and construction documentation for the transformation of an ANZ Bank into a timber warehouse located on Dorset Rd, Bayswater. The project focused on remodeling the facade and roof design in order to showcase the client’s material production of timber, whilst working within the existing building footprint.

 Addressing environmental performance aligned with living building principles is necessary for the design of the warehouse. The final design controls the amount of light entering the space through the façade structure, which is inspired by the RMIT Design Hub by Sean Godsell. Instead of utilizing manufactured timber materials, the design of the facade uses the raw section cut of a log. The ethical sourcing of the material ensures that the design does not leave a large carbon footprint as one created by the timber industry. 

The facade system has varying openings to allow for morning light to enter the space whilst shading the west facade in order to block afternoon sun. The facade rings can also be angled in order to manipulate light even further. 

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